Why everything that's supposed to bad make me feel so good?
Everything they told me not to is exactly what I would
Man I tried to stop man I tried the best I could
But (you make me smile)

What's your addiction? Is it money? is it girls? is it weed?
I've been afflicted by not one, not two, but all three
She's got the same thing, about me, but more, about us
She's coming over, so I guess, that means, I'm on drugs
Just let me peek now, I mean damn, I'm so curious
She's got a lover, so the lies, and the lust, is a rush
Time's of the essence, I need, you to be, spontaneous
Roll up the doge, and he ain't see you-cut the quarter, then I'm co coming over
Cause its never over

I see the emotion in your eyes, that you, try not to show
We get the closest when you high, or you drunk, or you blow
So I pour the potion, so we could both get high, as we could go
Then I'll get the lotion, and do something to me, when your thighs is exposed
There's no turning back now, I mean I don't mean to impose
Not now but right now, I need you to undress, and then pose
I'm into that now, catch a vibe, when the doors, get closed
Roll up the doge, and he ain't see you-cut the quarter, and I keep co coming over
'Cause its ne-never over

(You make me smile with my heart)

I just wanted to ask you
Just wanted to um
Let how would I put this uhh
Let's say all your friends
Remember the one
You said if you ever she would be the one
Ok, ok, ok (you make me smile with my heart)
I was thinking, hypothetically
I mean don't take this seriously
Don't take me I mean just
Uhh not credibly
I'm feeling incredibly
I mean let's see
Just maybe
I mean you are in me (you make me smile with my heart)
Maybe, baby, baby
You know I was just kidding
Unless you gon' do it

(You make me smile)
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