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Upside Down


Everybody's searching for something
Something that they can call their own
Wishing, hoping, waiting for empty skieds to open up
But they don't
What's up with all the obsession
What's in and what's out
That's what it's about
Still we dream of better
Fearing nothing's gonna ever be right, yeah
All along, don't you know that you can't break free
Take a look and see what's your reality
Upside down, spining round and round
Happiness may not be what it seems
Inside out, alone whithout a doubt
Is your heart until he sats you free
From all of this reality
Oh, you know the world is so crazy
It'll chew you up, spit you out
Leave you feeling empty inside
Filling your head with little white lies
Jesus is the only reason that my heart is free to say
You could dream a thousand dreams and have a million things
But nothing could replace the love that Jesus gave
Talk shows, ecstasy, horoscopes, dvd's,
Pop culture, magazines, chat rooms, MTV
Protein diets, internet, the story isn't
Over yet, the psychic network really cares?

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