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Who Do Men Say I Am


Who do men say I am? Jesus looked at his disciples with loving eyes to see to them who could he be.
Some say thou art Elias, some are saying a major prophet from on high. But with tose same loving eyes he asked,' whom say ye that I am?- is the Son of Man.

Truly thou art the Christ, the Son of God who reigns supreme and lives above. And upon The Rock he built his church, and to Peter he gave the key. Through his blood all men on earth could be set free. He told them much later he had to die.

This is why He came. And the reason why, He would explain. Because of the price of Adam's sin I'll deliver my life to sinful man. The prophets have spoken concerning me. I do this through my love. I'll redeem lost man with my blood.

But if I be lifted up I will draw all men (un)to me. With my resurrection power, men will know throughout the land, the Messiah from On High is who I am.
So it pleased the Lord to bruise Him, and we esteemed Him smitten of God and afflicted. By His stripes we're healed. By His blood we're overcome.

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