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Will You Be Ready?


Cant you see the signs of the times
Dont you know that the time is short
Soon the Lord, He will return
Now will you be punished or get your reward
Now there'll be no more time to get it right
When the Lord, when He cracks the sky
So just keep your hand right in his hand
And be ready when my Jesus comes

Oh won't you be ready, ready when Jesus comes
Please be ready when my Savior comes
Get your house in order
And in your life, you gotta make Jesus first
Keep you lamps trimmed and burning bright
Let's all make a stand,stand up for what you know is right
Most importantly(3x), Keep the love of Jesus always on your mind
And you've gotta be ready (3x)
(You dont wanna be left out here after Jesus is gone)
Be ready when Jesus comes

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