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At The Point Of Your Need


Why does life treat you so badly
Although you try to do the thing that's right
And why are you always wanting
Wanting in your heart or in everyday life
It's my happy privilege
To inform you of some great news
You don't have to live as someone
Who's been abused

He will meet you at
At the point of your need
Please don't believe what you hear
From the enemy
He will do much more
Much more than we ask or think
He's not to high
To hear His children's cry
He'll meet you at the point of your need

How can I face the darkness
That comes to cast a shadow in my path
And where can I find the strength I need
And the courage that it takes for me to laugh
It may seem impossible
To overcome your fears
Jesus knows your heart
And He makes the answers clear

Always keep in mind He'll be there on time
He's left it up to you
To take Him at His word
A God that will not lie
Has promised He will not deny

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