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For Real Christmas


t's a 4 real Christmas
If you didn't know
More than a kiss yeah
Under the mistletoe
So go ahead and show love
That's what it's all about yeah
And it's a 4 real Christmas
Ain't no doubt

Verse 1
There's a lot going on this Christmas day
Mothers just giving gifts away
On every corner Christmas lights
Helping to make the season bright
But it's so much more than this you know
And you can't tell me that it ain't so
Sent from high to us below
Talking 'bout Christmas' deal
Christmas 4 real

Verse 2
Ornaments on the Christmas tree
One for you and one for me
House full of happiness and full of joy
Momma's little girl and Daddy's little boy
They're sharing love with one another
Just like sisters and brothers
Christ wouldn't have it any other way
Than to share love on Christmas day yeah

Misc 1
Christmas here yeah
Christmas gone
Still my heart felt so alone
But to me You did reveal
A Christ-like love that is so 4 real
Christmas 4 real
It's a 4 real Christmas

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