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No Weapon


I see your ups and downs
Your in and outs, your round and rounds
I know how you feel
It ain't time to be giving up,
though you feel you've had enough
You've got a place in God's will
You say when does it end and now that all depends
Are you ready to fight?
You know there's a war going on
You don't have to sing another sad song,
It's all been said and done.

No weapon that's formed against you
No weapon that's formed
Against you shall prosper.

Consider this my friend,
you're not fighting to win
For the battle is won
But you wrestle to sustain,
Your hope and eternal gain
Given by the Son
Your tests and trials come to make you strong
For I know you can make it through, yeah
Gold without fire can never be pure gold,
your trials come to perfect you.


No weapon that is formed shall prosper this I know
There is no room for doubt, for I know He'll work it out
They can say what they want, do what they want to do
The weapon may form, but it never will prosper
Please don't be deceived by the factual reality
Your trouble won't last always
For they're all subject to change
For He brought principalities and defeated the enemy
I encourage you my friend
Hold the truth until the end.


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