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Let the healing begin
Let the healing never end
Let me feed from Your hand
Just the bread from Your table
Gives me strenght so I am able to stand
Let the healing arise
As I lift up my eyes
And I look into Your sky
Let the Father of love
Send like manna from above
The childrens bread
Let the healing begin
Take me Lord, take me now
To the place where healing comes
You've heard my voice,know my cry
And the pain that needs Your touch
Take me Lord, take me now
This is my desperate hour
I'm on my knees, I call Your name
I need Your healing power
Let the hope of Your Glory
Be the prize that's set before me oh God
Lord I lift up my cup
I want more of Your love
Just one drink is not enough
Every day, every hour
I need more of Your power oh God
Let the healing begin

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