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I Can Love Again


I can love again
More than a sentimental feeling I hold within
With a heart full of compassion You took me in
You're my closest friend, I can love again
A smile would hide my pain
I'd have to laugh to keep from shedding a tear
The sting of a promise broken, a needy word unspoken
Helped turn my pain to fear
But there You were for me
Helped to ease the pain that caused me agony
Can't help but to wonder
Why You pulled me from under
But it feels so good within, I can love again
No one could see
What my foolish pride had done to me
Caused me to ignore
All the love that was in store
That was in store for me
It's because of You
Pride has passed away
Your love revealed what was true
All the love within
Caused this broken heart to mend
Your love I want to commend
Everybody, I can love again
Life is worth living again
Since You gave me joy and peace
down within
So good to know I'm loved for sure
Fear no longer lives within, I can love again

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