Good Boy Gone Bad (Good Girl Gone Bad - Reply)

Davi Braga

[Verse 1]
She came move around so low
Asked his name, he said is so and so
But she don't care (Don't care)
All we know that went to his home
And left him there
She got his money and got gone
And left him all alone
Now he in the club with a freak pants on
Dolls going at him, keep that pants on
Trying get enough drinks in his system
Take him to the telly and make him a victim
No control in the drink
Bar banging with the bass
They shake the spot
He's just another case

Easy for a good boy to go bad
And once we gone
Best believe we gone forever
Don't be the reason
Don't be the reason
You better learn how to treat us right
'Cuz once a good boy goes bad
We gone forever

[Verse 2]
She got his wallet and gone yeah
Will spend all his money but she won't care
Won't care (Won't care)
All she do is use his cards
She thinks she is smart
He stayed alone at home
Wanna know what's going on
Now, he is finding strange numbers in the bills
She won't talk about, but he will
Getting out of control
Probably he can't take no more
She finds a letter on the stairs
Saying this is the end
He packed his bag, and want all that she spends oh


[Verse 1]

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