DJ Turn It Up

Davi Braga

[Verse 1]
Friday night
I'm going out
Get my car
Won't go far
Maybe a club
Maybe a bar
I have called some friends of mine
I just want a good time
I just got in the club
But I can't hear any dub

The music is too slow
She is out of control
DJ turn it up
I wanna see if she can roll
Come on guys, this is our night
Come on guys, do not fight
Come on guys, this party is our
And we will rock at least 10 hours

[Verse 2]
The club is crowd
Everyone is around
We are in this spot
And we are getting so hot
Everyone is in the floor
Everyone is waiting for
DJ, please, bring us more


[2x Verse 3]
DJ Turn it up
I wanna see this club pump
DJ Turn it up
I wanna see this club jump
DJ Turn it up
Everybody is almost drunk
DJ Turn it up
I wanna see this trunk

[2x Chorus]
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