I Wanna Feel You

Davi Braga

[Verse 1]
I'm in the street
I'm feeling so weak
You're on my mind
But not by my side
I know what it is about
It's so easy to figure out
It's becouse when you're far I feel...

Alone in the crowd
The lights are on but I can't see
You make me feel this way
When you're not with me
Come on, I'm the one for you
And I think that you know it too
Feels like we are one, but we are two
Come on, I wanna feel you

[Verse 2]
I'm in my house
Listening the water in the sink
And you it's all I think
I need you here
Need to feel you with me
'Cuz you belong to me
Am I allowed to call you at night?
'Cuz it's the only way I fell alright
Come up o my place
I have to see your face
'Cuz when you're far I feel...


[2x Verse 3]
Sometimes I feel so weak
Sometimes I feel so sick
Sometimes I feel so bad
Sometimes I feel so sad
Everytime I wish you here
Everytime I want you with me

'Cuz without you I feel...

[2x Chorus]
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