Davi Braga

[Verse 1]
I always had been here for you
You never gave me anything
But for me our friendship always was true
You never asked for something
That I couldn't give to you
I never wanted material things
All I wanted is hear 'Thank you'
What I want you to be
Is a little bit more grateful ('Cuz)

Every time you're lost
I go there to rescue you
And you don't have to pay any cost
'Cuz I always know that it's true
Every time you're lost
And you feel the danger by your side
I'm the first on your mind
And you call me to pick you up
Every time you're lost
I go as soon as you pray
I go as faster as I can
To take you to far away

[Verse 2]
We will never forget
The moments that we pass through
All the things that we get
Come from the work of me and you
And if one of us be down
The other will come and heal him now
But suddenly everything has changed
And you are not the same
And I don't know why
I'm almost saying 'Goodbye'
But I don't wanna go
'Cuz you will always know... (That)


[Verse 3]
Sometimes I think that I
Won't take it anymore
And I know the why
It's because of you, for sure
But even if you don't change
Know that I'll be your friend
Even after the end
And if you need me it's just call
I'll be there before you fall

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