So Glad

Davi Braga

[Verse 1]
I need you with me
Your kiss make me see
How much we can be happy
Can we be all alone?
Can we do on our own?
I just need you right here ('Cuz)

You make me so glad
This love won't go bad
Don't let us apart (Please)
Do not break my heart
We all make mistakes
We don't have to separate
I want you here
Right beside me

[Verse 2]
I know what I did
I know what I do
And what I'm going to
Can we talk for a while?
It won't waste your time now
I need to speak to you for a few
To explain what I fell
What I'm trying to say
I can tell you this way


[Verse 3]
I just want a chance
Can you give me this dance?
I'll be here forever
Can we get together?
All I want it's you
And you know it's true (Because)

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