Just Believe

Davi Braga

After spend hours at rain
After you feel all the pain
After the cloudy sky
Just believe me, you'll fly
After all humiliation
After you lose your concentration
After this bad time
Just believe me, you'll be fine
After hear what you did
After the insults and fibs
After you call me tonight
Just believe me, you'll be alright

[Verse 1]
I know what you had pass through
And how it hurts too
Sometimes life gives us options
And we have to choose
Or everything that we've got
We can loose
Whatever happen
I'll be here to hear you
Whatever happen
I'll be there to catch you


[Verse 2]
They can do everything
To put you down
But you will survive
'Cuz your friends will be around
Remember that you're strong
But you don't need to take it for too long
To get higher you don't have to fight
Forget them at least for one night ('Cuz)

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