Fell In Love

Davi Braga

[Verse 1]
I feel strange when you are here
Feels like I'm blind and I can't see
I don't know what's this about
Can someone help me to figure it out?
Baby, what happen to us I don't know
But maybe it's 'cuz

I wanna loose my way
Make a pray
To find your way
And finnaly say

We fell in love
Did it come from the above?
This felling I can't explain
Do you feel the same?
I wanna know, my boo
'Cuz I feel it too!

[Verse 2]
At first I didn't understand
I didn't know how it start
Now I see, it begin in my heart
I wanna share with everyone
This love that will never be gone
This felling that I adore
Is not a secret anymore


[2x Chorus]
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