There Is No More Christmas

Davi Braga

There are no presents under the tree
There are no Christmas lights here
No gift can make me happy this year
I haven't sent any letter
'Cuz I don't think a present will make me feel better
Since you had gone
I stay right beside the phone
Waiting for a call that will never come
And I know that it is true
'Cuz there is no more Christmas
Since I don't have you

[Verse 1]
Since that you had gone
I stay here all alone
I miss you so much
I still remember your touch
I won't celebrate any new year
'Cuz you will never be here
Santa won't give me the gift that I want so
The fireplace has no fire
And I still with your attire
'Cuz I just can't let this go


[Verse 2]
You were the star upon my tree
But now it doesn't shine anymore
Like it used to do before
I remember you with me
Decorating our place
The smile on your face
I want you back
But I can't change all these facts

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