I´m Crazy

Dj Bobo

I'm crazy
I'm flying without wings
I'm crazy
When the fiesta begins
I'm crazy
I'm gonna lose control
I wanna have it all

Chorus B:
We are free, ohhh
We are free, ohhh
We are free, ohhh
The night has just begun
The best is yet to come

Verse 1:
When you feel the passion - as strong as before
When you're always climbing higher you ask for more
And whatever you are doing, do it with your heart
This is your life, this is your life
Everybody's crazy and just seems to be mad
Looking for another chance and tries to forget
Give me all the power I just need to survive
Come set me free, come set me free

Verse 2:
Everybody has a secret deep down inside
Make it more than just a dream that you never tried
Everybody has the chance to change all his life
Change all his life, change all his life
Everybody wants to live forever and a day
Neverless the price is high, but you have to pay
Everybody has a secret now I tell you mine
Now I tell you mine, now I tell you mine
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