Say It Again

Dj Bobo

Your love's waiting, right here for me
You are my sunshine, everything I can see
With you I believe in romance
In trance first day we met was intense
I take my chance, never let you go
For the rest of my life, I wanna share your sorrow
To a higher place I will follow
Glow my love today and tomorrow

Say it again
Say I really love you
Say it again
Say you'll be mine
Say it again
I can't live without you
I'm holding your hands
Hope this love never ends

The magic words please say them again
Again and again, I'll be your man
I close my eyes wish you'll be mine
Dreaming of you is my sign of time
For better for worse I promise you
I'll stay by your side, I'll guide you through
In the darkest night you are my melody
You got all my love now and eternally

You're my angel, more than words can say
When you are near me, you take my breath away
My guiding light, my shining star
My place on earth that's what you are

You're completing my life
Like four and one makes five
I close my eyes and hold you
Your love has turned me round

Say I really love you
Say it again
Say you'll be mine
Say it again
Oh I can't live without you
Say it again
I want you, I need you
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