Blood On Fire

Dj Bobo

You set my blood on fire, you're my temptation
Blood on fire, pure fascination
Blood on fire, I'm gonna make you mine
I'm gonna make you mine

Rap 1:
Bonjour mon amour, welcome to the family
You're my little queen, you're my destiny
So be free for now and eternally
My promise tonight is royal dignity
Here is your castle and I am your king
You are my precious my diamond ring
One thing - you're my only desire
Set my blood on fire

Rap 2:
You set my blood on fire, you know what I mean
I invent the game an everlasting dream
Now you can't step back, no use to live in sadness
Together forever - mystical madness
Thunder and rain in a symphony
You took my breath away my fantasy
Lady - heaven sent you to me
Come on and set me free
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