Here Comes Tomorrow

Dj Bobo

Here comes tomorrow, the past is gone
The future has begun, it's goin' on and on
Here comes tomorrow, one step ahead
The future has begun, no time for feeling sad

Magic space, the game we play
Connected by the highway we meet every day
Realise, don't run away
We're livin' in the future all the way

As long as love exists
And miracles are missed
The world will be the same
Coming from no man's land
Where will the future end
It's just another game

Here comes tomorrow, top it till you drop it
No one can stop it, ticking like a bomb
Time is running fast, don't think about the past
Everywhere, the human race, is lost in space
Here comes the future, the past is gone
It's going up and down round and round on and on
Strong upon, till the break of dawn
Forget about sorrow, here comes tomorrow

Ruled by passivity, lost in endless liberty
Every time, every place, lost in space
High-speed machines not only in my dreams
It seems to be reality / reality
What about the face of humanity ?
What about the world insanity ?
Fantasy TV, welcome to the show
Down to number zero, here comes tomorrow

Physical or virtual, emotional or logical
The future, the point of no return
Now is the beginning of a brand-new era
We are close to enter the land of Utopia
Bits and bytes are getting faster and faster
My master leading to an overkill disaster
What about the face of humanity ?
What about the world insanity ?
Fast or slow, you know let it go
Forget about sorrow, here comes tomorrow
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