This Is My Time

Dj Bobo

This is my time and it´s gonna be alright
I´m standing strong I take my pride
It´s my time, I´m burning I feel the fire
To reach the stars for my desire
It´s my time

It´s my time, I feel the passion of my life
This is my time, I wanna live while I´m alive
This is my time

It´s now or never
The heat is on I have it all in me
Can´t live forever
This is my time tonight I set it free
I hear the music
The best is yet to come I´m ready
I feel the power
Running through my veins

I break the silence
It´s time to speak my mind I´m here to scream
Destined for glory
I´m flying without wings living my dream
I hear the music
I close my eyes it feels like heaven
Once in my lifetime
Now, I want it all

It´s amazing what a feeling
I´ve got heaven, in my mind
Goodbye to all the sad days
I feel the magic, it´s my time
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