The Voice Of Freedow

Dj Bobo

Don´t turn around stand up I feel the flow
It´s time to let your inhibitions go
People from North and South and East and Wet
Let´s come together now and give your best

You can see it in the light
All around the world
You can feel it every night
I hear tomorrow calling

Morio orio
Ola djou monké n´io
Ola djou monké
Ola djou monké n´io

Feel the voice of freedow
Just feel the magic everywhere
Feel it in your heart

It´s very easy come and take my hand
You may say " no " but we say " yes we can "
The star above know what the future holds
Come share your love and let yours feeling show

Can you feel in your heart
Feel in your soul
There ´s something going on
I hear tomorrow calling
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