What About

Dj Bobo

What about the promised land
Where the people gave their faith for a helping hand
So let's take the chance
Hold my hand and pray
Hold my hand and stay together every night and day
What about reality
And the victims of all the violence in history
So let's take the chance
Hold my hand and pray
Hold my hand that gives you hope, don't run away

When I was young
You gave me hope in the moments of sadness
When I was crying
You consoled myself with the thought,
it could have been worse
Thousands of people suffering a much harder fate
They lost someone they loved
They lost their will to live
You only got a little scratch
In moments like that,
you used to take my hand and wiped my tears away
Repeating your words of hope

Now you left this world
You still have the power to help me
Even today, your words are like a helping hand
giving me hope and strength
What abouth to all these faithless people
Are they smiling again ?
Have they ever known someone like you ?
You will always be my guiding star
and you will pull me through
Repeating your words of hope
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