Dj Bobo

We're gonna get it right
Underneath the lights
We're singing "Here we are tonight"
We're gonna lose control
Just feel it in your soul
We're singing, "Here we are tonight"
There's magic in the air
People everywhere
Are singing 'Here we are tonight"
Together we will fly
We're gonna touch the sky
We're singing, "Here we are tonight"

Everybody's here tonight
You've come to see the show
Everybody is feelin' right
Get ready to explode
Some people say the world's a stage
It's not a mystery
Tonight we're gonna turn the page
We're makin'history

All you need tonight is your imagination
Just remember that your life is your creation

No more hesitating now
We gonna start the show
The memories are waiting
On your mark.get ready.go "go"
Everyone's V.I.P
No need to wait in line
Just relax,enjoy the ride
We're gonna blow your mind

Now we're flyin' to a higher destination
Just remember that your life is your creation
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