Jonh Lennon VS Billy O'reilly

Epic Rap Battles Of History

[John Lennon]
You're making my ears bleed
You need a muzzle
Why are you pissed off all the time
Didn't your mum give you a cuddle?
You're the type of guy who could die
Of a heart attack just in the shower
You need to chill out for a minute
And smoke weed for an hour
Every time I watch your show
All you do is scream at me
And your face looks like a shit I took
High on LSD
I'm John Lennon, I'm a legend
I can see through all your tricks
I wonder how much George Bush paid
You to suck his dick

[Billy O'Reilly]
You fucking long hair
Living in your yellow submarine
Well you're about to get sunk
By the right wing political machine
Stop your presses Lennon
You call me mr. Bill O'Reilly
When it comes to squashing limeys
I come recommended highly
You're weak, between you and me
There' no comparison
I'll beat you so bad you'll weep gently
Like George Harrison
You're Paul McCartney's bitch
With less talent than Ringo
And I'd rather suck George Bush's dick
Than Yoko Ono's

[John Lennon]
Well you can't buy me love
But I'll kick your ass for free
I'll take Maxwell's silver hammer
And give you a lobotomy
I'm tired of how you scheme
To stir the people up
Why don't you just take a vacation
And shut the fuck up?

[Bill O'Reilly]
Because I'm evil
Heart blacker than Don Cheadle
Ten thousand dollar shoes I use
To stomp out a beatle
Don't tell me to shut the fuck up
That's how I survive
Now here's sting
Fuck it, we'll do it live!
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