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People In A Box

Farrell & Farrell

Well, I rolled out of my bed
I was feeling semi-dead
So I wandered from the bedroom
To the coffee
Then I woke up to the sound
Of little people all around
Relentless noises
From that T.V. there beside me

And they told what to wear
How to smell and do my hair
And how to charge the new car
I'll be buying
I just sat and soaked it in
Aren't these people all my friends
It never dawned on us
That they could all be lying

People in a box
T.V. personalities
They show me how to live
In specific generalities
People in a box
Out of bed and tune 'em in
How much do I learn
From people in a box

Well, I completely bought it all
Revolving credit wall-to-wall
Without a payment till September 89
Can I run?
Can I escape?
Are they alive or just on tape?
They seem so worldly
And so welcome to the eye

Heavy pressure from the start
T.V. madness stole our heart
Black and white and vivid color
Turned to grey
Daytime soaps they're not clean
Nightime cops
Blast thru our screen
We're a Neilsen rating living on display

Repeat Chorus

Are these sultans of video activity
Truly the masters of my destiny?
Was I created in the image of Trinitron?
Can Jesus ever endorse mediocrity
While we consume hours of programmed philosophy?
Will we ever learn off
Is as easy to turn as on
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