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Split Second

Farrell & Farrell

Quicker than a man
Can blink his eye
Faster than a rocket
Could be made to fly
More sudden than lightning
Cuts thru the sky
Will be the coming of our Lord

Everything will change
In a moment's time
A flash of the earth
And the sea and sky
The elements rushing
To join in the flight
In the final day of our Lord

Split second
We will shed mortality
Death will be swallowed up
In victory
Split second
We'll embrace eternity
All the time it's gonna take
A split second

Trumpets will announce
Resurrection morn
The groom will return
For His bride adorned
A sweeping fulfillment
Of promises sworn
On the glorious day of our Lord

Swiftly our bodies
Will change into light
The mystery when flesh
And celestial unite
Explosions of splendor
Make the heavens ignite
With the coming of our Lord
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