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Hungry Eyes, Thirsty Hearts

Farrell & Farrell

Looking just the same
In every city
Solitary sharks cruisin' bait
But there ain't no way
To feed that hunger
Seems there's always something
Else to take
Old timeless story's
Written on their face
Reveals the secret
Of a hopelessness embrace

Hungry eyes
Thirsty hearts
Longing for that missing part
Searching for the place to start
Hungry eyes
Thirsty hearts

I should always feel compassion
'Cause I used to walk
Inside their shoes
Placing so much forth
On independence
Paid me back
With nothing left to lose
Could never satisfy my appetite
Those empty feelings
Left me cryin' in the night

Repeat Chorus

The things of earth
Can never satisfy
Only the Bread of Life
Can fill a man inside

Repeat Chorus and fade
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