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Heart In the Right Place

Farrell & Farrell

Inside this shell
There's a part of me
Creating life in this man
But I'm convinced
That it's not my heart
Cause it's already
Safe in His hands

Don't understand physiology
But I've learned enough to know
That flesh and blood
Aren't all it takes
To give a man a healthy soul

He's got my heart
In a safe place
At His throne of grace
For eternity
He's got my heart
In the right place
In a love embrace
Till the end of time
He's got my heart

When times are hard
And I feel the strain
That comes to take love away
I know that no thief
Can ever steal
What's been placed
At the throne of grace

When Satan comes
With his evil schemes
Designed to tear me apart
I set my mind
On the things above
Cause that's where
I'm keeping my heart
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