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The Adoption

Farrell & Farrell

Have you ever seen an unwanted child
Who's been given up for adoption
Then they bring him into court with some strangers
Who are begging a judge to grant them permission
To make him their child

"for we will always love him
And promise to always provide
We'll be his guide
We'll keep him safe at our side
He'll be our child"

Oh, and I remember when I was adopted
Into God's family that is living forever
I completely surrendered to Jesus
And found a Saviour and a Father together
He made me His child

For He has always loved me
And promised to always provide
He is my guide
He keeps me safe at His side
I am His child

Oh, and friend if you would let Him adopt you
You would inherit all that God wants to give you
He would seal that promise with Jesus
When he comes in and sets up his kingdom
Right inside you
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