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People All Over The World

Farrell & Farrell

It's funny but it seems
This world's become a smaller place
The wonders of technology
Connect the human race
The anthem cried 'we are the world'
And moved the hands of fate
But did we say it all
Is there a higher call?

One man came down thru heaven's door
A beacon for all men
He lights the path
And holds the gate for any coming in
In death He hung with criminals
The earth itself stood still
And never has one death
Showed such love fulfilled

And people all over the world
Need to know about Jesus
And people all over the world
Are crying out to be loved
A prayer for all believers
Who would follow in his name
That Jesus' words be first and last
In all that we proclaim
That love would be the means and ends
In what we say or do
For only love
Can draw people like me and you

In His love
We can heal the broken-heart
In His love
We can touch this world of ours
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