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Jailhouse Rock

Farrell & Farrell

At one o'clock the mob
Really gave us a shock
At three o'clock
The jailer threw us in a cell block
Then the Lord
Sent this twelve o'clock shock
And now we're watching
This jailhouse rock

Well, the doors to the prison
Have all fallen down
The chains of the prisoners
Are laying on the ground

This jail's been shook
To its foundation
And everybody here's in consternation

But it's so good to see
This jailhouse rock

Oh, my soul would you look at my jail!
I might as well go ahead and kill myself!

Well, jailer we know you're petrified
But put away your thoughts of suicide
'Cause we're still here
And we're diggin' this jailhouse rock

Fellows I'm sorry for the way I behaved
Won't you please
Tell me how I can be saved

Believe on Jesus
That's all you gotta do
And you'll be saved and your family, too
'Cause Jesus really wants
To change your life

Come up to the house
So we can tell my wife

Praise the Lord
For makin' this jailhouse rock
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