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Homesick Soldier

Farrell & Farrell

A battle-weary soldier
Sets his mind at rest each night
By reading from the letters
That his father back home writes
For the letters seem to ease the pain
Tho' the words they never change
And they reach his heart
They lift him up
To face just one more day

I'm a soldier see my banner
And the battles that I fight
Are mostly ones my eyes can't see
But my father also sends his love
Holy letters left for me
Precious words of life and songs of hope
To say he cares for me
How he longs for me

And I know I'm a soldier in his army
And I know I'm a servant of the lord
But at times the battle grows so old
I can hardly lift my head
And this homesick soldier
Longs to go back home

I'm clinging to the nail-scarred hands
I'll serve Him 'til the final stand
I'll wait for His command

And I'll wake up
When that morning breaks
Eternal bright and fair
And the king of glory
Comes back from that kingdom
Over there
With a host all dressed in spotless white
Filling up the eastern sky
Saying, 'Rise up my love - Come away with me'

Coming home
There'll be a big parade
As we march
Right thru the eastern gate
And that New Jerusalem band begins to play
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