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American Man

Farrell & Farrell

It hardly seems like a year ago
That I packed my bags
And some money I'd saved
I had a yearning to find myself
And to see this land
Of the free and the brave
I saw my first mountain sunrise
From an Appalachian range
I felt a heavenly presence
And a rushing wind of change

I am an American man
I'm made of american dreams
I am an American man
Returning to the things
I once believed

I've talked to people
Who still work the land
Who toil with their hands
For an honest day's wage
I've seen the stuff
From which legends were born
And destinies reached
And Histories made
It seems we've com to a crossroad
All our standards are compromised
I pray that our Lady Liberty
Will awaken before she dies

Repeat Chorus

And if the people
Who come in His name
Will humble and pray
And seek His face
Then He will hear us from heaven
And heal our land
Of the free and brave
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