Frank Ocean

Verse 1 :
Baby, i know i've been gone
I know it's so long
And girl i hope you missed me
Cause you know i've been missing you baby
(been missing my baby)
And we talk on the phone everyday
But that just don't do it for me
I need you around yeah
I can't do without you
Shawty my plane just now touched down
Imma send that car to come get you for me
So be ready ??????
Just be ready

We only got one night
The sun's gone be setting in a while
(be ready , be ready)
We still got one night
I down for whatever right now
(be ready , be ready)
Ooh and the sky starts
Sky starts changing
Sweet love , we'll be making
Oh just tell me
(you're ready , you're ready)

Verse 2:
Open up the door , girl you got me throwed
Cause baby when you kiss me , can you feel my heart beatin' ? (oh)
Look into your eyes pretty hazel brown
If you only knew what i'm thinking bout
Girl i'm right here
And i'm so ???????
Shawty my plane leaves at 9 am tomorrow
But between then and now we ain't that far


There yours , we got one (yours)
We got one (yo)
We got one (a-yo)
Baby imma take it slow
I don't wanna let you go
(wanna let go)
Oh i know you been patient
Been waiting for this moment
Waiting , right now
Hoo ooh ,hoo ooh


There yours , we got one (yours)
We got one (yo)
We got one (a-oh)
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