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Frank Ocean

Look up, look up, look up
You'll see the last line in the air
Reach out, reach out
Try to catch one if you can

[chorus 1]
Oh right now, they're flying
Circlin and coastin the sky
When they, come crashing down
It'll be the worst surprise

[chorus 2]
But you just right stand there
You ain't lookin 'round
And baby, you won't never see it comin
Causing kamikaze, on they're way down to you
But you won't never see 'em
Oh no, you'll never know he's lying 'til you look up
And i bet you'd catch it if you took a sec to look up
I know the truth is blindin but you gotta look up
Or you'll never see it comin, you'll never see it comin

Feels like i'm on the 30th floor staring out my window
See them, they about to crash right into you
You're marching on the sidewalk umbrella up, oblivious
No clouds, shades on, no sun

[chorus 1] + [chorus 2]

[frank ocean]
Look up, look up, you better look all around, all around
Baby you better
Look up, look up, i know, they're coming down, coming down
They're coming down
Look up, you better look up
Look up, look up
Look up, look up

[chorus 2]

Look up, look up
And baby you'll see the light
You'll see him flying
Look up, look up
You'll see the lies no
Look up, look up
Flight 143 took off a minute ago
Flight 143 was just on the ground
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