Pretty Sweet

Frank Ocean

To the edge I'll race you
To the end I'll make it
All the risk, I'll take it
Head bang with my four friends
We pour taste out for the dead
This is the blood, the body, the life right now
The hype right now
Might be what I need
Might be what I need
Said you want to hold me now
You can't end me now
That might be what you need

(This side)
You wanna keep me now
(This side)
Don't let me down
(I'm on this side, I'm on this side, I'm on this side)
(I'm on the? On this side, I'm in side, cause my name is Frank)
(To the fathers of the Earth be kind)
(Fathers of Earth be kind)
(To the mothers of who we rely)

(Ah-ah-ahhh, ah-ah-ahh, ah-ah-ahhhh)
(Ah-ah-ahhh, ah-ah-ahh, ah-ah-ahhhh)
We know your sucker
Pretty sweet-eeet
Pretty sweet-eeet
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