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Open Air

Frank Ocean

I had my feet in the water
And right when i was about to get up
Oh suddenly i caught ya
With a hook line and a sinker
You were swimmin at the bottom yeah
I said why you gon' live down there
Well baby you can love up here, on land

And what a difference it makes you will see
What a difference it makes to breathe
What a difference it makes it easy to love
The open air makes it easy, so easy to love
The open air makes it easy, easy to love
I swear the air's so much better up here than down there
The open air makes it easy, easy to love

You said you're feeling ways that you never
Could've felt under all that pressure
Used to it being dark at night
And you're kinda afraid of the lights
But you still crack a smile
Because it makes you feel alive

Baby i could show you the world
And the seed that's inside of my heart baby
Don't know how you got on land in the first place
Just promise you won't go back again
It's better up here you know
Just trying my best to show you
But you started feeling like you're floating
Higher and higher, don't ever go under no more

[chorus] - second half 2x (starts with "the open air")
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