Frank Ocean

Ever since you, came into my life, I been movin
closer to, tryin to build a vault around the both of us
When you're gone baby I ain't cool
No I ain't cool, no I can't move
And I don't know what the hell is happening to us
But I don't wanna know because it feels like somethin that I want
And baby I ain't never fell in love
but if this is what they talk about then I don't ever wanna get out
They say it's infatuation
I say I don't care what you name it

Baby I'm losin my air I can't breathe love
And I feel like I'm blind I can't see it love
And as sweet as it is I can't taste it
but I know it's real love, real real love
As the sky is blue, as the moon and the air change colors
Real, I'm in love with you for real, for real

No I don't care, who wants to question us or break us up
cause i'd lose a thousand friends for what I got wit you
Right here baby I'm all good, yup
I'm all good ah, I'm all good oh
And I don't want, nothing but your heart and trust
Every little tender touch
And I know love ain't only made for us
But I feel like we own it; feel like we own it
And I already know what they say, they swear that we will never make it
But if I lost you today, it'd be real just the same


[Frank Ocean]
Oh~! I know it all can't be
just a figment of imagination, a dream that won't come true
Girl, I know it all can't be, just an illusion
I know what you doin to me

[Chorus] - 2X
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