I Need Love

Frank Ocean

Every girl that I met on tour
I knew none of them would last
Cause it wouldn’t work, nah it wouldn’t work
A hundred chick contacts in my phone
About half of them I smashed
I put in work, oh I put in work
But there's something missin' there though
Feels like I've gotta lambo with no gas to go
And I've got all the world, nothing to show
That girl just let me know

I need love
Yeah, I need you, yeah I need you
I need love
Yeah, I need you, oh I need
I need love in the morning
In the afternoon
I need love all night, all night
I need love, need love, need love, need love
Need love

Two weeks ago
I would've never admit I had it bad, oh
I wouldn't do it, nah no
Cause 15 days ago
Never knew you, so never knew how this felt
Had no clue, I was too cool
But now I can't go a day without ya'
I wake up eating breakfast thinking 'bout ya'
We'll go around the world, don't ever go
No, don't ever leave me 'lone


I wanna wake up from this dream
No sleep full of dreams, I'll stay
And I know it'll work girl
There's no where I'd rather be
Because I need


Baby in the night
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