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Frank Ocean

Over where the trees burn down
The place where the fields went down in flames
We could put a hole in the ground
Throw seeds and dance for rain
It takes a mind to worry
A conscience to feel ashamed
But there's no place to hide out here
These skies are filled with planes

And both our hands are filthy
Pointing up at the moon
And tonight I'll hold you close, close enough to bruise
Hope a garden grows where we dance this afternoon
Hope our children walk by spring when flowers bloom
Hope they'll get to see my color
Know that I've enjoyed sunshine
Pray they'll get to see me, me wither
See me wither

Know that (me) I've enjoyed the sunshine
When I was young, know it happens all— (me)
Know that I've enjoyed the sunshine— (me)
Know it happens all (me) —all the time (me)
Know it happens all (me) —all the time (me)
When I was young (me, me)
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