She Won't Say Hello

Frank Ocean

You're my best friend, what was cooler than us?
Whole school already knew what it was
Kiddy crushin, puppy lovin, you know, ahh
You are my high school wifey; college made it different
I stayed at home andm you didn't
You got a scholarship to Michigan State
Drove my heart 2000 miles away

[Chorus 1]
And now I sit at home, answer the phone missin
Wishin she would call
And say hello, say hello, I'm in the zone
Readjustin to the fact she's been gone
And I'm alone
I'm alone

[Chorus 2]
Keep playin the same songs in my car
Hung up cause she ain't on the passenger, the passenger
And I can't even play Madden any more
Oh no because I can't pester her, pester her

[Chorus 3]
She won't say hello
She won't
Say hello
No, no, she won't

My best friend, wish I could have went with her
Can't afford to visit her, let alone stay
But I wanna, really wanna, ohh
We did everything together now I'm missin all the silly shit
The way she bit her bottom lip after we kissed
And it's enough, been countin the days
I'm prayin you come back again

[Chorus 1] + [Chorus 2]

My baby, baby, what am I to do without her
Oh I've been losing, wasting calling her, her

[Chorus 1] + [Chorus 2] + [Chorus 3]
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