...And the Night Falls

My Threnody

The day light is fading away,
The secrets remains untold,
It hurts me so to see you asleep,
A motionless angel and the purple background.
For every tear drop that rolls down my face,
A sweet memory from the now lost days.
And if the sun light now hurts my eyes,
The moon and the velvet sky shall be my rest,
Lay your face on my chest,
Let me feel your lips... your lips.
I could taste the tear drops from her face,
As she cried she made light from her sorrow,
She opened her long wings trying to clean
The flowing tears from her face,
And she did not say a word,
But behind her body i could
See, the clouds and the mist,
The horizon fading in to black,
And as the sun died and the moon raised
I built my castle around the ruins
Of what is gone... of what is gone...
Come closer my angel,
And release me from this pain,
Because the winds of time are not so strong,
The winds went by,
But the ashes are still here.
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