Shadows Reign

My Threnody

Are you alive?
I think so...
And how does it feel to be alive?
I wouldn't know...
They took my freedom and threw it to the wolves
They've restrained me in this walless prison
and confined me within myself.
I can no longer speak and what I still can hear
is what they want me to. It's like Salem all
over again, it's inquisition on the 21 century,
we live in this land where dreams are like a curse.
Your eyes are just like mine,
But your mind is not so bright
If you think I'm far behind
you've got your ass in the fire line
your theory is a fucking shame the world
is far from a perfect place because of
you and your screwed up ways I'm sick
and tired of your fucking face,
Die, die, die...
Now taste the pain of all those who've
died because of you and your fucking lies
You've got to taste the pain of all those who've died.
Shadows reigns across the land, atrocity...
it's the human nature, heartless ones in the name
of god We fight for peace, are we alone?
Social injustices and your shameful racism
in this no mans land we cry for help We've
had enough of your bullshit. We fight for
peace are we alone?
This is a song of celebration,
let's celebrate the death of us all.
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