Thy Threnody

My Threnody

Down by the dark river
I can still hear a voice
That softly sings a melody pure and calm
A melody that soothes me
As i drift away on my sleep.

It's another cold rainy day
The dark clouds on the even darker sky
Spills out its freezing tear drops over my head.
The tall and ancient trees cry
Shaken by the northern winds can be heard
Throughout the valley for so long we called home.
Once a quiet place filled with mystery and magic…

It's been so long my dearest one,
So much has changed...
Yet some things are still the same
But the dark ages have taken place
In this once joyful heart of mine
It keeps raining all of the time
And my days are nothing but walls
Standing between myself
And the day i shall be free as i once was

I feel the weight of the years
On my now frail body
And my face now shows the signs of aging.
The nights always bring some hope
For a morning that would never come

And now by the dark river
A voice sings a different melody
A melody to those without a voice
A sorrowful melody
To those who've been embraced by obscurity
A tragic melody of pain and beauty
To those who are no longer here
A mournful threnody carrying all of my pain,
Taken by the winds to where you sleep
A threnody to you my dearest one.
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