In Articulo Mortis

My Threnody

I dreamed of an alluring land,
A land beyond all mans aspirations,
A boundless land,
Where the morning breeze blows warm
And the dreams of eternal love,
Once faded by the shadows of death, becomes real.
My soul left the flesh,
And as i floated through this land,
I screamed your name out loud,
And as it echoed through this land
I could see through the mist,
Your star like eyes, shining,
You, walking gracefully on the
Vast field of green grass.
Charming moves, like an angel,
Dropping in my eyes a light that shined
And gave me peace.
" don't be afraid , there is no longer
Reason for your grief..."
I could feel the warm tears running down my face,
And the weird combination of cheerfulness and pain
In my heart.
Possessed by the beauty of the landscape,
Hands stretched on the air i reached for you...
...i reached for you but i could not touch your hands,
Then i saw the lights turning in to darkness,
Cloudy and dark it became,
I saw you fading away, slowly you faded away,
Crying you faded away,
Then i opened my eyes and you where gone.
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