A Dying Flame

My Threnody

Can you feel?
It seams to be so far away...
Would you stay?
My arms are weak and tired now...…
Would you hold my hands
As i start the journey to the no mans' land
And dive into the endless sleep
There's no return….

The abyss seams cold and deep
I see the clouds
I feel the crown of misery.
The light is fading away,
The day is dying now
The light that blinds won't let me see,
And thunder bolts across the sky
In my tearful eyes the loneliness
And then the silence that bleeds my soul
If i could only fall asleep
I'd dream of us in better days
The autumn nights and a soft cold breeze
Whine and poems by the fire place

In silence i think…
Is it really the end of the dream my dearest one?
Must it really end this way?
It feels like the act is over…
Curtains are down the theater is empty and rests in silence
And what's left is the darkness and the emptiness
That lingers deep inside my soul

Would you try?
Don't let me go, i'm so afraid
One more kiss…...
It makes me think if it will be the last
Look at me...
And tell me what's inside your mind
Hold my hands…
And promise you'll always be with me.
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