Songs for the Sorrowful Souls

My Threnody

[Act I - Frozen tears]

...And if the time has come to say good by,
I'll dry my weeping eyes,
and feel your hands for the last time.
Don't fade away...
The winds of the dark night
calls for us, And here we stay with fear of light,
The cold rain that falls like frozen tears
from the sky Comforts my soul...
And angels of the deep sing a funereal song
through the whole land... Give me peace
Bring me peace again And maybe some day we will find
All the joy that there could be in our hearts

[Act II - Pact of Souls]

I put out the candle lights
and lay alone In the dark tears
running from my sad eyes
...From my sad eyes...
I remember the time
When your light shined so bright
Just like the moon just like the stars...
Come to stay with me now
Break free from your cold dark grave
And then there will be no more pain
And sorrow won't follow me on my way.
...Because there is no linger life Apart from myself
Can you feel my pain?
It's tearing me from inside
It's piercing through my soul
I'm looking out the windows
I'm watching the time go by
My soul screams in silence
I'll join you on the other side...
Our essence will leave this place today
Our body will turn to dust
But we'll be still alive I
n the dark of the night...
Of the night...
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