The Sorrow In Your Eyes

My Threnody

Sleep… Like a child
And Dream…
The dream of angels
And if you see me coming down
hold on tight to my hand
and don't look back
if it's time to say good by.

The sorrow in your eyes…
your sweet innocence
the pain deep inside…
The sky has faded to black
but I can see through the mist
I watch the golden fields
as the first ray of light announces the day
I see the blood red sky
beyond the mountains as the sun sets
I see the first star far away
And I see the last one as it rests for the day.
There's no comfort or joy
There's no life or will to live
In the autumn I am the golden leaves
at the wind driven away from home
In the summer I am the snow upon the sand.

…And I fall in days of suffering
My soul screams in silence
And here we stay afraid of the light
We take shelter on the shadows
of winters now gone
The winds of the dark night call for us
The cold rain that falls
like frozen tears from the sky
Remind me of
your sweet sad eyes.
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