Embrace The Pain

My Threnody

On your face the fear…
But it's over now my dear
Can you feel the breeze?
Warm... Calm... Comforting...
And what once shinned so bright
with beauty and suavity
Was now laying still
in a humid and dark end.

Such calm in those eyes
Such sweetness in those lips
So much pain and misery
they have brought into this life of mine
Where I come from there is no god,
There's no mercy and there's no joy
Forsaken land where the good soul
is yet to be born...

But still love made its way
through the desert
And planted itself
into my darkened chest
Love bloomed and for some time
it shinned and gave me peace
But as the sand shifted away
love drifted... love faded...
But I had no fear, I knew no fear.

But the gloomy day came on my way
I saw the sky so dark and full of clouds
Your bloody lips and your star like eyes
The brightening light that was your life
the wind put out.
And darkness fell
and at that moment I embraced you again
Helpless I watched you die...
Love had brought me pain!
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